„Cum doreşte un cerb izvoarele de apă,aşa Te doreşte sufletul meu pe tine,Dumnezeule!..."(Psalm 41,1) 

miercuri, 2 martie 2011


The autumn rain is falling down
trhough the clouds, hits the ground
wash away, traces in the sand
yesterday, so far away
they disappear, love would hear
i close my eyes to be with u again
ur still alive, the world is in ur hand
dream on dreamer
and the sun will always shine down on u
keep on dreaming
its alright, feel alive
dream on dreamer
and the world keeps spinning around and around u, go!
dont stop dreaming
its alright, we r alive
i light ur name, across in the sky
ill be with u till in the end of time
dont wake me up, im reaching for ur hands
ive never gone to break ur heart
no matter if ur near or far
just close ur eyes to be with me again
dream on dreamer
everything is alright.

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  1. Ma buur mult ca te-ai hotarat sa mai postezi cateva poezii . Sunt absolut (superbe desi engleza mea nu e tocmai perfecta.